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Teaching & Training

As a teaching practice we feel it is important to be involved in the education of the next generation of doctors. We do this is several ways.

GP Registrars

These are doctors who have already qualified and have spent several years in hospital medicine. To become a GP they have to spend a year as a GP Registrar in an approved practice with a supervisor/GP trainer. Over what is a very busy year they have to pass several exams, and develop a GP style of consulting.

To help GP Registrars develop good communication skills we sometimes use video recording of consultations. A video has to be assessed as part of their final examination. You may occasionally be asked therefore if you are willing to have a consultation videoed. This is to look at communication between the doctor and patient only. Physical examinations are not videoed.

Videos are looked at by doctors involved in GP education only. They are then destroyed/erased according to a protocol.

Registrars (and GP Trainers) learn a huge amount watching their consultations, and it helps us to improve. Thank you to those patients who have been involved.

We understand that patients sometimes do not wish to be videoed. We fully understand this and it will not affect your care in any way.

Being involved in GP Training benefits:

  • You, the patient. We are short of GPs in Hounslow. GP Registrars often choose to stay and work in the area. They have been in hospital medicine more recently than the rest of us and can communicate new ideas. They will offer patients longer appointment times.
  • Us, the Practice. We have to reach and maintain certain standards to be approved for training and we are re-inspected regularly. Having young doctors questioning us keeps us on our toes!!

Modernising Medical Careers

In the future, it is the aim of the NHS that ALL doctors, even if planning a career in hospital medicine, should spend some time in General Practice, with close supervision. This will help to ensure that the next generation of consultants experience working in the community and develop their communication skills in this setting.

Medical Students

We sometimes take 5th year students from Imperial College for 3 week attachments. Mostly these are observing. We like them to do a “patient project” where they visit someone with a long term illness or disability in their own home, to learn about illness from the patient’s perspective.

Students learn an enormous amount from this experience, having only experienced patients in a hospital setting so far. If you would be willing to take part in this, and have a long term illness or disability, please let Debi (our Practice Manager) know. Many thanks to those patients who have helped so far.

Patient Participation Group

    NB: The granting of this consent does NOT involve the Maswell Park Patient Participation Group having any access to your Medical Records held by Maswell Park Health Centre or at any other location by the NHS.

Patient Survey

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  • We would like you to think about your recent experiences of our service.

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